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     AGTrust partners with Church Multiplication Network to plant new, vibrant Assemblies of God churches across America to reach the unchurched, the dechurched and the next generation. The greatest evangelistic tool God gave us is the church. We invest $30,000 in each new church to help them get established and win people to Christ. Every church plant replenishes the AGTrust investment so that each $30,000 given is a perpetual fund that will keep planting churches until our mission here is interrupted by the return of Christ.


Your gifts plant churches in inner cities!

    St. Louis is a divided city, and Pastor Brian Schmidgall and MiddleTree church hope to bridge the "Delmar Divide." Delmar is a street that serves as an unofficial dividing line of race and class between North and South St. Louis.
    The name MiddleTree comes from John 19:18, "Here they crucified him, and with him two others—one each side and Jesus in the Middle." The life, death and resurrection of Christ are central to what the church believes.
    MiddleTree is the first Assemblies of God church to open north of Delmar in 20 years, and most of the previous churches have closed their doors. The church plant launched with 129 people in attendance in 2012. During the altar call, 20 people indicated their need of Christ.
    Pastor Schmidgall, also an AG executive presbyter, first felt the call to plant a church in St. Louis after reading an article naming it the most dangerous U.S. city. He and his wife, Mary, bought a home north of Delmar in 2009. (Brian and Mary with daughter, Adela, are pictured on this page.) They spent the next two and a half years getting to know the community and building relationships with their neighbors.

The church hopes to bring unity to the city.

  MiddleTree Church in St. Louis, Mo., is one of more than 300 church plants that have
benefited from the matching funds support from AGTrust and Church Multiplication Network.


    MiddleTree Church currently meets in the gym of a private high school and rents other space for music practice, office, meetings and storage. The church is located about three miles from Ferguson, the site of the recent shooting death of Michael Brown, a black 18-year-old, by Darren Wilson, a white Ferguson police officer, in a confrontation on Saturday, August 9, 2014.
    In the midst of the violence and chaos that has occurred, Schmidgall and MiddleTree are working to bring a sense of stability. "It is vital for the church to be actively involved in the lives of people in the community," Schmidgall says. "If you have relationship, you have a voice. There will be people of profile flying in and getting their face in the spotlight because it's trendy and in vogue. There will be social justice programs and systemic structural changes, but there will be the same problems 10 years down the road. The one thing the church addresses is the heart. If you don't address the heart, then healing and recovery don't happen."
    Schmidgall believes the incident in Ferguson will open doors for the churches in his area to unite and be used by God to make a change in the community. MiddleTree and Schmidgall are currently talking with Convoy of Hope regarding a potential community event in Ferguson in Spring 2015.


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Church Planting Highlights

• 302 church planters have received matching funds


The Results

• 572,148 contacts have been made with unchurched individuals
• 4,907 people have been baptized in water
• 2,712 people have been baptized in the Spirit
• 21,719 people have made a confession of faith
• An average of 79 people per church are attending weekly
• $3.1 million has been given to missions
• $1.85 million paid forward to Matching Fund to start new churches

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